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Back in 1977 (yes, I'm getting up there in age) I got my first job. I was a busboy at Marie Callender's. I was hired on at minimum wage, which at that time was $2.50 an hour. Since this was my first job I thought that was great. I was going to be bringing home between $35 - $40 a week with this new part-time job. I was totally excited. I made friends with my co-workers pretty fast and the managers treated me quite well. About 2 months after I got the job I purchased my first car, it was a used 1975 Ford Pinto. I bought the car for $500 - can you imagine that. I was styling - I had a job and a car now.

 1975 Ford Pinto

Marie Callender's

About one year into the job I was speaking with a new friend I met at the local mall. He worked at a men's clothing store called Richman Brothers. He asked me how much I was making as a busboy. I told him $2.65 an hour (I had just got a raise). He gave me this shocked look and said, "You've got to be kidding. You're working for peanuts". I was so naive and answered back, "No, I get a paycheck". He laughed at me and let me know that means that I'm working for a small amount of money. He told me that at Richman's he's paid a base hourly wage and commission on all the clothes he sells. He said combined he usually averages about $4.50 an hour. I immediately asked him if he could get me in. Within a matter of weeks I quit Marie's and began working at Richman's. I became their top salesperson and was averaging about $5.50 an hour. I was making about $100 a week - double that from my previous job at Maries. I was no longer working for peanuts. I even did a few fashion shows modeling suits for Richmans - that was a real hoot.

Richman Brother's

Moving is always a big chore. I can honestly say I hate moving. But we've all had to do it a few times in our lives.

There are so many things that have to be done - contact the post office, give all your friends your new phone number and address, sell off some of the items you just don't need or give them to the Salvation Army.

The biggest job is packing. In the several times I've moved I have always taken good care to pack things with care. I label all the boxes with room names. I organize and separate items so like items are packed together. But most importantly I make sure that fragile items such as glass, pottery, ceramics and other breakable pieces are extra carefully packaged. My best friend during packing are those ever so clingy and "jump out at you everywhere" Styrofoam peanuts. I love them. they make packing your precious fragiles such an easy job.  What makes them even better is they come in a multitude of colors - pink, green, yellow, blue, etc. I've even used these peanuts at a few parties as decorations - they're quite festive.

Peanuts are one of my favorite foods. I am so glad that I am not allergic to them. i don't know what I'd do if i were. I manage to eat peanuts pretty much on a daily basis. I have a friend who eats the entire thing shell and all - as much as I love them I do not care for eating the shell.

I love everything about peanuts. The smell, the shape, the taste. I love them unsalted, salted, roasted, spicy, garlic spiced - you name it I love them.

The peanut, which is also known as a groundnut is in the legume (or bean) family. The plant grows to be about 1 to 1 1/2 feet tall. Their leaves are feather-like and contain four leaflets. The flower is yellow with a reddish veining. It's a delicately attractive plant. The seed itself (the peanut) grows underground. The seeds take 120 - 150 days to ripen after they are planted. The earliest peanut specimens were found about 7,600 years ago in Peru.

Lastly I can not forget my all-time favorite cartoon - Peanuts. As a child I looked forward to the Sunday funnies just so I could see what was up with Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the gang. They always made me laugh. Charles M. Schultz was a well known name in our household. Every Christmas we'd make sure to watch the television special "A Charlie Brown Christmas". as a matter we watched all their TV specials numerous times. One of my favorite scenes was watching Snoopy, as the Masked Marvel,  arm wrestle against Lucy in "it Was A Short Summer, Charlie Brown".

A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)



  1. peaniuts what can i say, oh wait you did it already :)

    i like peanuts

  2. Good blog I look forward to reading more
    Cheers from Aussie Stella

  3. I ate peanuts in 1977. (not the kind you pack with) :)



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