Friday, September 25, 2015


The word wax has a few interesting meanings. it's one of those words you don't often think has many meanings. Generally you just think of it as the material used to make candles. Though as you read this article you will discover the other uses for this word.

Wax: a sticky yellowish moldable substance secreted by honeybees as the material of honeycomb; beeswax.

Wax: The is the action of waxing such as rubbing, smearing or polishing with wax. Waxing your car.

Wax: To make a phonograph recording. In the early days of recording it was a common slang phrase to use the term "wax" for records.

Wax: To defeat or beat with a stick.

Wax: Such as "the whole ball of wax." the entire or overall plan, concept, action, result, or the like.

Wax: To increase in space, intensity, quantity and power. Discord waxed at an alarming rate.

Wax: Wax was a group formed in the 1980's comprised of Andrew Gold (songwriter of the song "Thank You For Being A Friend") and Graham Gouldman (bassist/guitarist from the band 10cc). They had two hits "Right Between The Eyes (1986) and "Bridge To Your Heart" (1987).



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