Saturday, December 31, 2011


Power is a fantastic attribute to possess. It can also be a debilitating attribute. Power when used correctly is strength and wealth. When used incorrectly is abuse and harassment.

Power is many things from a personality trait to a force which moves machines and tools.

Power: ability to do or act; capability of doing or accomplishing something. Great or marked ability to do or act; strength; might; force

Power: to supply with electricity or other means of power: Solar power is the conversion of sunlight into energy. The sun can power the world.

Power: to drive or push by applying power: She powered the car expertly up the winding mountain road.

  Power: operated or driven by a motor or electricity: a power mower; power tools.


Even Fred Flintstone had a power mower...

The Temptations - Power


Tuesday, December 27, 2011


The word "swell" has two prime descriptions. One is a term of growth, the other is a descriptive slang term. In the latter slang description of the word teachers of proper English shy away from using the word in that particular manner.

Swell: to rise in waves, as the sea. A wave, especially when long and unbroken, or a series of such waves.

Swell: to increase abnormally in size, as by inflation, distention, accumulation of fluids, injury or the like: Her ankles swelled from standing.

Swell: to puff up with pride.

 Swell: to cause to increase gradually in loudness: to swell a musical tone.

 Swell: Stylish, elegant, fashionably dressed, first rate, fine: a swell party


Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Hmmmm... it's just on the tip of my tongue... but I just can't seem to remember it...

Lethologica: The inability to remember a word or put your finger on the right word

Wikipedia describes the word as a psychological disorder that inhibits an individual's ability to articulate his or her thoughts by temporarily forgetting key words, phrases or names in conversation. 

The causes of lethologica include stress, physical fitness,  social interaction and memory capacity. It can be categorized as a lifestyle disease which is affected by individual personality traits.  

Lethologica was suggested by redmicasupra you can see his blog @


Saturday, December 10, 2011


The featured word in this post comes from a suggestion made by a fellow blogger known as Little Rabbit and she writes a blog called The Littlest Rabbit which you can visit at

I had never heard of the word ACOUASM until Little Rabbit mentioned it. It kind of a neat word. It can be like a dream or a it could even be a figment of your imagination. Just what is an acouasm?

Acouasm: a nonverbal auditory hallucination, as a ringing or hissing.

Acouasm originates from the Greek word ákou which means "something heard". And  ákou is a stem of the word akoúein which means to hear. 



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