Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Fun, Spongbob, Adam Sandler, Vincent Price, Cassandra Peterson, I really like the word fun. I guess it's because I feel that describes my own personality quite well. I can be a fairly deep and intense person -but overall I prefer to be the fun loving sort of type. I like being the one who casts my worries to the wind. Life is too short to not be fun. It's too short to always be serious about everything.

To me fun is about friends, it's about family, it's about love. I truly believe that having fun with those you're around is one of the most effective ways to show that you love them. It's called quality time.

Fun is also about learning and taking care of yourself. When you're intelligent and healthy you just can't help but to enjoy yourself and have some fun.

something that provides mirth or amusement: A picnic would be fun.
enjoyment or playfulness: She's full of fun.

What do you consider fun?
Do you take the time to have some fun in life? what is the last fun thing you did? 

of or pertaining to fun, especially to social fun: a fun thing to do; really a fun person.
whimsical; flamboyant: The fashions this year are definitely on the fun side.
There's quite a few fun people in this world. Fun comes in different forms and is on different levels. I think Adam Sandler is a fun person in a silly and somewhat youthful sort of way. While someone like Vincent Price or Cassandra Peterson (aka Elvira Mistress of the Dark) are fun people with a somewhat dark twist to it. On television I enjoy "The Burn Notice" because it's a clever show with some dry witty humor - which is easy to miss if you're not in tune to that sort of (between the lines) humor. to me it's a fun and interesting show.
Adam Sandler in Re-Do

 Vincent Price meets Batboy

 Cassandra Peterson as Elvira

 The cast of Burn Notice (Sharon Gless, Bruce Campbell, Jeffrey Donovan and Gabrielle Anwar)

B-52's - Funplex (2008) 

 Peter Murphy - Fun time (1988)

Grace Jones - Scary But Fun (1986)

Depeche Mode - Now This Is Fun (1982)

 Beach Boys - Fun, Fun, Fun (1964) The ultimate FUN song!

What does FUN mean to YOU? 


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