Wednesday, March 23, 2011


My word choice today is Bowl. I wanted to choose an everyday sort of ordinary word. A word that most of don't give any thought as to it's meaning. It's dish most of us use on a daily basis. It's also an arena which hosts sports games and concerts. There are bowls in other forms such as the bowl of a pipe, a toilet bowl. It's a hairstyle with the ever famous "bowl cut".

I like the word bowl as it has a nicely rounded sound to it. It's one of those words that makes me feel comfortable. Like I could grab a few pillows and make it my home - okay so that's going a bit off the path there - but it is a comfortable sort of word - anyhow to me it is.

Therefore BOWL you get the prize of the day... you are word of the day!

Hoorah! Hoorah! Bravo! Bravo!

According to the 2008 Guinness Book of World Records the world's largest bowl is in Malaysia. The stoneware bowl measure 3 feet tall with a diameter of 6 feet. It can hold the equivalent of 3,000 normal bowls of soup.

World's Largest Bowl

I find the Estado Azteca Stadium in Mexico City to be one of the world's most attractive bowls in the world.

Estadio Azteca Stadium

The Hollywood Bowl is one of my favorite places. I've seen several outstanding concerts there... most prominent in my memory is Tom Petty - around 1996. The Bowl seat 17,376 - so it's not the largest sports arena in the world - but is most likely the most famous.

The Hollywood Bowl opened on July 11, 1922. Conductor Alfred Hertz and the Los Angeles Philharmonic gave the first performance at The Bowl in what was the first season of music under the stars at The Hollywood Bowl. Many legendary musicians, actors, entertainers, authors, artists, politicians, speakers have appeared at The Bowl - far too many to name. 

The Beatles performed at The Bowl in 1964 and 1965. The live album The Beatles at The Hollywood Bowl commemorates these appearances. 

The 4th of July Firework Spectacular is always a star studded event with great music and an outstanding fireworks display. 

 The Hollywood Bowl 4th of July Fireworks Extravaganza

The Hollywood Bowl

The Beatles Live at the Hollywood Bowl [Japan OBI] [Mini LP CD]

How about the "Bowl Cut" any of you remember this one?

One of my favorite bowls is the Original Pollo Bowl made at El Pollo Loco

I can't go without paying a bit of homage to the ever popular toilet bowl...

Here's a few interesting and unusual bowls...

Thank You BOWL for entertaining us today! 



  1. Thank you to make me know more about Bowl :) I had a bowl cut when I was 4, was cut by my mother. I never let her cut my hair again ^.^

  2. What a unique theme for a blog! The bowl haircuts made me smile.



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