Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I have worked in the home improvement industry so of course I notice different things than most people wouldn't. Upon the first visit to a friends home the first thing I notice is their entry door. Is it made of wood, fiberglass, steel. I look at the hardware - the knob and dead bolt - my favorite are those dark oil rubbed bronze sets. The hinges - do they match the the door knob? Are they basic or decorative?

a jointed device or flexible piece on which a door, gate, shutter, lid, or other attached part turns, swings, or moves.
a natural anatomical joint at which motion occurs around a transverse axis, as that of the knee or a bivalve shell. 
I tend to love decorative things and am always thrilled when I see a home with decorative accessories. I love hinges with steeple tops on them - that top just seems to add an extra elegance to the overall look. I also like carved or inset patterns. The curvy vine pattern is a favorite. 

This unique set of cast iron hinges spots a nice dark antique brass looking finish. It has that steeple top finial which I just love. The pattern on the base of the hinges is a somewhat geometrical scroll.

Again there's that ever attractive steeple top. This brass hinge displays a simple yet engaging vine pattern on a darker antique background. Noted the carved detail down the spine. I have always loved the antique brass hinges.

I included this cabinet hinge in order for us to get a look at some of the different types of hinges out there. This hinge again has that antique brass finish (yeah, I guess I like that dark brass look). I especially love the scrolls and the square shape of the hinge.

that on which something is based or depends; pivotal consideration or factor.

to be dependent or contingent on, or as if on, a hinge (usually followed by on  or upon ): Everything hinges on his decision.

Have you ever been that person on which the outcome of something is heavily dependent on your performance? I've been in that situation a few times. It could be the outcome of a simple board game with friends or the effect of a presentation at work. Many times family situations hinge on the decisions of the parents.

Whether "hinge" is used in the sense of a hinge on a door or as in dependency of someone or something, the action and the object are both something which is a system of support. The hinge supports the doors and holds the door onto the frame. The outcome of that presentation or board is supported on how well or poorly the individual or group does.


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