Monday, May 28, 2012


From a very young age I grew a fascination with caterpillars. I was always amazed that a living object was able to transform from this unattractive worm-like (sometimes hairy) bug into a beautiful flying butterfly. I have always loved butterflies.

Caterpillar: the worm-like larva of butterflies and moths, having numerous pairs of legs and powerful biting jaws. It may be brightly colored, hairy, or spiny.

Q. What is larva?  

A.  the immature, wingless, feeding stage of an insect that undergoes complete metamorphosis.

Caterpillar: a person who preys on others; extortioner. 

Caterpillar: a tractor intended for rough terrain, propelled by two endless belts or tracks that pass over a number of wheels.

 Caterpillar: a name brand of shoes. Primarily work boots and sports shoes.


Thursday, May 3, 2012


The fabric of the word felt spans a few different emotions and meanings.

Felt: a nonwoven fabric of wool, fur, or hair, matted together by heat, moisture, and great pressure.

Hats are often made of felt

Felt: The past tense of feel. Perceived or examined by touch.

She felt his face with her hand

Felt: A feeling of a physical, mental or emotional state.

I felt hurt by the words they said

Felt:  To perceive as a physical sensation, as of pain.

 I felt the pain in my back after the accident

Felt was a 1980s British alternative rock band led by Lawrence, whose surname was never listed in any credits or press; the band's name was inspired by Tom Verlaine's emphasis of the word "felt" in the Television song "Venus".

                   Felt - Black Ship In The Harbour (1985)



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