Thursday, May 3, 2012


The fabric of the word felt spans a few different emotions and meanings.

Felt: a nonwoven fabric of wool, fur, or hair, matted together by heat, moisture, and great pressure.

Hats are often made of felt

Felt: The past tense of feel. Perceived or examined by touch.

She felt his face with her hand

Felt: A feeling of a physical, mental or emotional state.

I felt hurt by the words they said

Felt:  To perceive as a physical sensation, as of pain.

 I felt the pain in my back after the accident

Felt was a 1980s British alternative rock band led by Lawrence, whose surname was never listed in any credits or press; the band's name was inspired by Tom Verlaine's emphasis of the word "felt" in the Television song "Venus".

                   Felt - Black Ship In The Harbour (1985)


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