Saturday, July 23, 2011


Blue is a wonderful color with many feelings and emotions to it.
I often think of the jazz musician Miles Davis when I hear the word blue. Several of his albums had "blue" in the title... "Blue Period" (1951), "Blue Haze' (1954), "Blue Moods" (1955) and "Kind Of Blue" (1959).

There are many fantastic shades of blue...

My favorite shade of blue is royal blue...

Linda Ronstadt  - Blue Bayou

Bobby Vinton - Blue Velvet

Moody Blues - Blue World

What is your favorite shade of blue?



  1. Blue is a mysterious color. It's a dark yet vibrant color. I love blue.

  2. My favorite blue is sky blue. The sky blue of the actually sky at any given moment.The ever changing color of the sky in its many shade of blue with orange or red hues at times. The endless color of the sky.

  3. I love blue ♥ I have a painting I made named Blue World (:

    My favorite shade of blue is dark blue.



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