Friday, July 8, 2011


Most people want to be strong. Strong means something different to each person. Below I am presenting a pictorial of what being strong means to different people.

For some people being strong means physical strength with lots of muscles

For others it's increased intelligence and strength in mental abilities such as meditating, remembering or concentrating. These people are mentally and intellectually strong.

There are the emotionally strong who can withstand almost any sort of hardship. They're able to center their minds on the positive.

Bravery is a characteristic of a strong minded person. This person fears nothing.

Saying no to peer pressure or a bad habit is a sign of a strong will.

For a lot of people love is strength

Bryan Ferry (with David Gilmour) Is Your Love Strong Enough

Sly and the Family Stone - Brave and Strong

What sort of strong are you?



  1. strong-
    i am the type of strong that can both open a jar of pickles, and yield under pressure, rather than snap. i can adapt to f'd up situations with aplomb, and not blow my top. and i learn from these experiences as well... especially the pickle-jar thing!



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