Saturday, March 19, 2011


It is quite fascinating to think of all the possibilities available from our natural resources. Not too long ago the thought of harnessing power from the sun was just a theory and something futuristic. For hundreds of years we've used the sun to dry our clothes and food, but it is only recently that we have been able to use it to generate power.

The sun is 93,000,000 miles away from the Earth and is astonishingly powerful. Only a miniscule fraction of the sun's energy actually hits the earth, but that is enough to power the earth many times over. In each 24 hour period enough energy reaches the earth to meet our power needs for more than 25 years. With time we will figure out how to properly harness this solar power.

It is with this fascination of new technology that the word of the day is chosen.

Definition of Solar:[soh-ler]
1. of or pertaining to the sun: solar phenomena.
2. determined by the sun: solar hour.
3. proceeding from the sun, as light or heat.
4. utilizing, operated by, or depending on solar energy: a solar building; a solar stove.
5. indicating time by means of or with reference to the sun: a solar chronometer.
6. manufacturing or providing solar power: the solar industry.
7. Astrology . subject to the influence of the sun.
With solar energy an electric automobile can be charged for pennies each day. Compare that to paying $4.00 plus for a gallon of gas.  A solar powered automobile can be powered for even less money.

Solar Powered Car - not too bad looking...

Here's a solar powered plane - this is in the very near future...

A home with solar panels



  1. solar plane?? where do the people sit?!

  2. @ Angela, the solar plane is just a prototype of what is possible in the future. If you look back on history the very first airplanes from the early 1900's were not passenger planes, they were experimental. The solar plane, just as the early planes in the 1900's, is in the experimental phase. I find it quite exciting that we have this new technology on the horizon.



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