Monday, April 4, 2011


The Insects' World

Insects are creatures with three pairs of legs,
Some swim, some fly; they lay millions of eggs.
They don't wear their skeletons in, but out.
They come in three parts. Some are bare; some have hair.
Their hearts are in back; they circulate air.
They smell with their feelers and taste with their feet,
And there's scarcely a thing that some insect won't eat:
Flowers and woodwork and books and rugs,
Overcoats, people, and other bugs.
When five billion trillion keep munching each day,
It's a wonder the world isn't nibbled away!
by Ethel Jacobson

Most of us have experienced a software. You know the kind that can make your computer run sluggishly and even sometimes shut it down all together. Been there done that. Too many times. One time it took me an entire week to figure out how to debug my computer/software. The more serious bugs can enable a malicious user who can access privileged information, passwords and other information. Bugs are often confused with viruses. A virus is a program which duplicates itself and infects your computer.

We all have a friend or a family member that just bugs the living daylights out of us even though we love them beyond a doubt. It could be a silly habit or an accent or something so ridiculous that it just really bugs you. Funny how we can get so annoyed by such little things in life - that is just all part of the human condition.

Oh and then there's my least favorite bug. The one that gets you right in the stomach until you're green in the face and hunched over. I just hate that feeling. I can honestly say that. I'm able to withstand most illnesses - but the stomach (and/or intestinal) bug (flu) is one that certainly puts me down for a few days.

 A good friend of mine is a Beatles aficionado. He knows everything there is to know about The Beatles. He's a true Beatles bug (excuse the awful use of pun). His enthusiasm for the Beatles far surpasses that of anyone else I know. He's collected every studio album and dozens of compilations on record, 8-track, cassette and CD. That is only a very small fraction of his collection. There's a lot of Beatles fanatics, fans, followers, devotees, bugs and so forth out there. Millions.

In my younger days I loved the show "Get Smart". I was always intrigued by the zany plots, twisted characters and the clever gadgets. One of my favorite episodes is when KAOS plants a bug in an olive which is eaten by a singer (played by Carol Burnett).

Famous Bugs

A Bug's Life

In the end it's Bugs Bunny who's my favorite bug...



  1. Wonderful post.

    Love it the way you have co related the various "bugs".

    Sometime back, I had a similar post on The Wall. You might be interested!!

  2. this is a good post yeah i know people who bug me an i bug some people to. love your word thoughts blog, its the best :)

  3. This is great! You have a really cool thing going here :)



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