Friday, April 29, 2011


For a change of pace instead of writing a blog based on a word, this blog post will focus on the year 1979.

I was 19 in '79 and was enjoying life. I was crazy into music - so the bul of this blog post will revolve around music.

I'd get together with a small group of friends and drive to L.A. and do some record shopping. L.A. had the best used records store and I usually always found some great deals.

One of my best deals was buying a box full of 45's (must have been about 200 in the box) for just $5.00. I ended up discovering a few great bands that I would not have discovered had I not purchased that box.

I used to wear OP brand clothes...

The Police was my favorite band in 1979 - along with Talking Heads.

I watched the movie Kramer vs. Kramer with some friends. it was not my movie choice. I went into the movie with a negative attitude about it. I was certain I wouldn't care for the movie. I was wrong. I ended up liking the movie quite a bit and considered it a favorite for a very long time.

I truly enjoyed the electronic rhythms of Gary Numan.

I must have watched the rockumentary film "The Kids Are Alright" (about the rock band The Who) at least half a dozen times at the midnight movie. Rocky Horror Picture Show was another midnight movie favorite.

Debbie Harry (Blondie) was about the most interesting female vocalist on the music scene in 1979.

I watched a good amount of movies in 1979 and there were quite a few which were excellent. Aliens, and Rocky II were a few. But the one movie that really stuck with me was Steve Martin's The Jerk. that was one outstanding film.

With both Styx and Supertramp releasing platinum certified albums 1979 was a great year for classic rock.

In 1979 I developed a penchant for the unsual...

I was 19 during the entire year of 1979 (turned 20 at the end of December 1979). It was one of the best times in my life.



  1. Oh, great nostalgic trip! I miss the days when guys wore short, tight was a great time to be a teenaged girl. My husband met Gary Numan at an airshow in the UK (Gary flies - or used to fly - a WW2 trainer) and had no idea why he was so sought after over there, since Mr. Numan wasn't nearly so popular in the US. He thought maybe UK women had a thing for pilots :))

  2. nice to know about the past :)



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