Thursday, April 7, 2011


In first deciding to write about this word, I sat here at my computer and looked at the word for a minute. Next, I looked up the word on I came to realize that writing about the word Express may take a bit more thought from me than what I am willing to commit. I began to change the word - but than realized that challenging myself would be much more beneficial. I couldn't taken the easy way out but decided against that. I just wanted to express this sentiment with you.

Express: To put into words, utter or state

Express is a form of expression. To express yourself is to communicate in one form or another. Some people express themselves with the clothes they wear or in the words they write in a blog. There are many ways of expressing yourself audibly, visually, in written text and so forth. Communication and expression are unlimited. Expression can be a quiet mood or a jump for joy.

Express: To set forth opinions, feelings, etc, of oneself, as in speaking, writing, painting or facial/body expression.

 There are so many times that I've thought how great it would be if I had some form of transportation, in which, I can travel a direct path to  my destination in a matter of seconds. If it could be so instantaneous as to just mutter the words "beam me up Scotty", I would be in complete delight for the rest of my life.

Express: Direct or fast as in an express train or express elevator. High speed travel such as express highway.

Star Trek (Beam Me Up Scotty)

The Golden Quadrilateral is the largest express highway in India. Completed in 2009, the highway is approximately 3,633 miles of four and six lane highways costing over 60 thousand rupees (13.3 billion dollars).

Riding an express elevator is always a thrill when it's made of glass and you can look out upon your city as you ride up or down the elevator.

The fastest express train in the world. Launched in China in 2009 the train can run at a speed exceeding 380 km/h (236 mph). The total cost for this super-train was 10.9 billion euros ($15.6 billion).



  1. good post. i dont know much about exressing myself, because it seems boring. I like to think we go beyond ourselves when we express oureselves

  2. I enjoy this idea for a blog as your topics are endless! Glad that you challenged yourself as I believe that's what writing is all about!

  3. express is a good word thought post :)



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