Monday, April 11, 2011


One of my favorite shows on television right now is The Burn Notice. I posted a picture of the cast in one of my previous topics on this blog. I'm a real fanatic, I've purchased all three seasons on DVD and plan on getting season 4 when it's released this June. Right now the show is in-between seasons and season five will start in the next few months. I've been watching the Burn Notice website closely for an air date of the season five opener. I will be there to watch it - no tivo or DVR this show I watch as it is first aired. I don't know why I have to watch it on it's original air time - I guess I feel a connection to others in the world who are watching the show at the same time as I am.

I have always been a fairly vocal person. I've never had a problem with speaking up and saying what I'm thinking. Usually the result is refreshing or positive when I air my viewpoints and thoughts. Although there have been times when it's stirred up debates and hostile air. You know those tense times when the "air is thick". After learning the hard I now tread carefully when I air my opinions in mixed company. It makes for a more productive conversation.

Human beings require it to live. It's a mixture of gases containing hydrogen, oxygen and small amounts of other gases. Air surrounds the earth and forms an atmosphere.

The air we breath is vulnerable to many contaminants and has during different times in our history experienced great amounts of pollution. In the 70's the skies in the U.S. (particularly California) were becoming muddled and many times had a greyish hue about it. Fortunately air regulations went into effect during the late 70's and early 80's which have helped  to bring the blue skies back and have made our air easier to breath. Regardless air pollution still exists as we have millions of cars on the roads, planes in the skies and countless buildings and factories spewing pollution into our atmosphere. We've controlled the pollution to a degree, but dangerous chemicals still float about in our air which can cause any number of illnesses in human beings and other living animals and organisms.

Air pollution is also harmful to our ecosystem. It can kill plants and animals. Polluted air can muddled up our bodies of water thus poisoning fish. Air pollution can and has gone so far as to cause havoc in our ozone which creates climate change. For the past five years glaciers in Iceland have been melting away. As these glaciers melt they can cause much damage to the earth including tsunamis, tidal waves, excessive flooding, rise in temperature and mass destruction.


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