Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Melon is a word you'd think only has one meaning. but I heard the word this morning on "I Love Lucy" and decided to look it up and to my surprise there were several meanings to the word.

Melon: The most common use of the word melon refers to the fruit that many of us eat (some on a daily basis). My personal favorite is cantaloupe. There are many melons including honeydew, watermelon, casaba, musk melon and several other.

Melon: Is a color defined as medium crimson or deep pink.

Melon: The visible upper portion of the head of a whale or dolphin, includes the eyes, beak and blowhole.

Melon: A large extra dividend, usually in the form of a stock, distributed amongst stockholders. Any windfall of money to be distributed amongst it's participants.


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