Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Community is a great word as it implies getting together and building. Not necessarily building as in the hammer and nails sort - but a bonding as in building relationships... and yes maybe building a refreshment stand in the local park while you're at it.


In the world of blogging building a community of readers is a factor of the whole process. Most of us who write on blogs, write so that others may read. We want to build that bond and that community with our readers - we seek out our common characteristics and interests in the words we share with others.

Housing projects of the past 20 years are generally associated with a Home Owner's Association which is built on homeowners who live with in the community, thus forming a community with in a community.

Most communities are organized and governed by elected and/or hired community members. A community is fueled by it's own miniature government. A Homeowner's Association has rules and regulations one must follow when they purchase a home with in a specific neighborhood. If you do not follow the rules you are either warned or fined.

A neighborhood is one form of a community.

An organization or club is a community

(Graduates of Harvard University)
A school is a community

"Community" is one of the most daring and best new shows on TV right now.


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