Saturday, December 1, 2012

Post 100 (Hundred)

Welcome to The "Word Thoughts" Blog... this post marks a milestone for this blog. This is the 100th post.

This blog debuted with it's first post on March 5, 2011. The idea was to post a new word every day. That lasted until about April 20, 2011. From there it went to every other day, then twice a week and now to wehnever I have the time to post here. I run something like 8 blogs, 4 facebook pages, a forum and 2 websites. I am busy... but I love the internet.

The word (or number) Hundred is a number of prime importance. To reach one hundred of anything (such as age, miles, etc) is considered an achievement.

In Roman Numerals the symbol for 100 is the letter "C" 

100 Years = One Century

A person who lives to the age 100 is called a centenarian

A few famous centenarians:
George Burns (actor, comedian) 1896-1996
Bob Hope (actor, comedian) 1903-2003

Benjamin Franklin is on the U.S. One Hundred Dollar bill ($100)

Thank you to all who have been visiting this blog to read the first 100 posts...

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  1. Well done, here's to the next 100 :)

  2. So if I want to live to be 100, I need to be a comedian?



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