Sunday, June 3, 2012


There are more meaning to the word "sink" than you may think...

Sink: to fall, drop, or descend gradually to a lower level. Drown

Sink: to cause to penetrate: to sink an ax into a tree trunk.

 Sink: to bury, plant, or lay (a pipe, conduit, etc.) into or as if into the ground.

Sink: to bite deeply or vigorously; sink one's teeth into; take a bite

Sink: to do or enter into with great enthusiasm, concentration, conviction, etc.: to sink my teeth into solving the problem.

 Sink: a place of vice or corruption. Den of iniquity.

Sink: a basin or receptacle, as in a kitchen or laundry, usually connected with a water supply and drainage system, for washing dishes, clothing, your hands, etc.


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