Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Stamp is one of those fun words which is both a verb and a noun.

I enjoy stamp as a noun because oftentimes you can discover interesting art or learn bits and pieces of history. The verb I like from it's implied sense of force or energy.

Some people stamp their feet as they dance

 And there's some people who stamp their feet in a vat of grapes

Our men and women in uniform stamp their feet as they learn their drills

and some people just stamp their feet

 Can't forget the foot stamp (and a hand stamp while we're at it)

ah and the old reliable rubber stamp

 A nice looking 1957 postage stamp from Canada

 An artistic favorite Dr. Suess The Cat In The Hat postage stamp

 The awesome Silver Surfer U.S. postage stamp
The Silver Surfer is a Marvel Comics Superhero created by Jack Kirby



  1. You put a stamp on your post!


  2. Great word. I love the photo of the kid with the stamps on her feet. So damn literal.



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