Wednesday, September 28, 2011



A bolt is a fastener which is made of varying materials such as stainless steel, bronze, brass, plastic or nylon.

Many steel fasteners are electro-plated with zinc for better corrosion resistance. Fasteners that have been zinc plated have a shiny silver or golden appearance referred to as clear or yellow zinc respectively. They are fairly corrosion resistant but will rust if the coating is destroyed or if exposed to a marine environment.There are also Hot Dip Galvanizing and Chrome coatings for fasteners using a similar process as zinc coating.

The strength of a bolt is graded by markings or numbers on it's head.

This hex head bolt with 3 raidal markings is Grade 5 Medium Carbon Steel, Quenched and Tempered

 Bolts come in different sizes and shapes. Some are angled, u-shaped, etc.

A bolt is also a mechanism to ock something such as a box or a door. The most common type of bolt to lock a door is called a deadbolt. 


Bolt: a sudden dash, run, flight, or escape.

This is my favorite description of the word bolt, because it is an action. When I hear the word bolt I think of athleticism.  I am an athlete and I enjoy anything that includes activity and movement.

 Usain Bolt from Jamaica bolts




  1. The inclusion of Usain Bolt...quite brilliant!

  2. Which one of these, is a bolt of lightning?

  3. Ah, Flip you're right... well what can I say I can't think of everything. Bolt of lightning is a great one.



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