Thursday, June 9, 2011


Goster is an unusual and not so common word. It has two meanings. One is something that many of us enjoy doing and as a matter of fact is proven to be healthful. The other is also something many of us enjoy doing - but really shouldn't.

I'll start out with the one that is healthful.

Goster = To laugh uncontrollably.

Laughter has several benefits. Did you know that it can help lower your blood pressure? So when you're feeling stressed out and your blood is boiling the best thing you can do for yourself is tune into something that just gets you laughing. I always enjoy a good sitcom or maybe something outrageous on youtube.

Laughter also increases vascular blood flow and oxygenation of the blood. Which means when you laugh it activates your blood to flow more freely and the oxygen you take in as you laugh goes right into your bloodstream. My now that laughter sounds almost as healthy as a glass full of fresh squeezed orange juice.

The act of laughing also gives a workout to the diaphragm and abdominal, respiratory, facial, leg, and back muscles. Gee no need to go to the gym if all you have to do is laugh to develop those muscles. I'm in - let's go laughing.

Laughter can reduce the frequency of colds and respiratory infections. Looks like I'll take a dose of laughter instead of that Airborne cold medicine which seems to work so well for me - but laughter is free.

So what is it that we all do yet know we shouldn't. It's something that many of us do while on a lunch break or sitting on the phone with a friend. It can be so much fun - but it can also get us into a lot of trouble.

Goster = Gossip

Yep, that's it GOSSIP.

Is the human brain hardwired for gossip? We all sure seem to enjoy it. It gives us that sort of rush as we talk about what we saw our co-worker do or what we heard about our next-door neighbor. It's almost like we can't help it. Gossip is as addictive as chocolate.

Pop Goes The World by Gossip (2009)



  1. wow, what a weird word but it has one good meaning, LOL

  2. Well, I do hate gossip (at least mean or malicious gossip). But when I see people gossiping it tends to make me laugh uncontrollably so I'm wondering... if they are laughing uncontrollably while gossiping and I, in turn, laugh uncontrollably at the gossiping - am I gostering while they goster while gostering? GOL (Gostering out Loud)

    – I liked this post :)

  3. @ Scoop... now that has to be the best comment I've ever seen to any of the posts on this blog. good one, verrry, verrry good!

  4. i loooove gossip.
    the band.
    beth dido interviews make me goster!

  5. i am going have to remember that word. i love the first meaning if i were to get a tattoo i thing that would the word i would tattoo on my nose. i will bet that will get some laughs. it would be fun to hear the gossip about it to ha ha lol thank you and god bless with goster



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